• NYSERDA PON Applications
  • Facility Integration Support (Boutique Engineering Support to the A&E Community)
  • Economic Analysis – ROI Reports
  • Electrical Utility Interconnect Applications
  • Remote Monitoring and Data Mining
  • All Inclusive Service Program Factory Protection Plans (FPP)
  • 24/7 Field Service by our Factory Certified Technicians

Our services are scalable to meet the clients needs

Our Process

RSP Systems will first determine suitability for all cogeneration and backup power 
inquiries.  In order to confirm this, we will require copies of all building energy bills for 
the last 12 months, including actual expenditures for electric, gas, and fuel oil. Once we 
determine suitability we will request building access to complete a site survey. With this 
information, we will be able to complete a comprehensive energy audit of the building.  
From this data we can discuss, in a conference setting, a preliminary system design and 
show how the turbine will integrate to the current or new mechanical schematic.  RSP 
will provide a detailed breakdown of all anticipated project costs and calculate an 
ROI(Return on Investment)in spreadsheet format.

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